Other Notes

License Terms


The Tendril sources are distributed under the terms of various Open Source Licenses. Each source file contains within it the applicable license for that file.

In case of any differences between the overview presented here and the actual license listing within a specific source file, the listing in the source file will supercede the contents of this file. Any source files not containing an explicit license listing are distibuted under the terms of the “Dominant License” listed below.

Licenses for older revisions of source files without explicit licenses listed may be determined based on the contents of this file AS OF THAT REVISION. For revisions that do not contain this file, or contain a version of this file insufficient to determine this license, the license for such files is PROPRIETARY.

The full text of the licenses used are included in the source distribution.


  • GNU Affero General Public License v3 (LICENSE.AGPLv3.txt)

    This is the “Dominant License” for Tendril, and applies to most Python source files included in the distribution.

  • MIT License (LICENSE.MIT.txt)

    This license is applied to various Latex/jinja2 and HTML/jinja2 templates and similar ancilliary sources

Licensing Roadmap

Tendril sources are distributed under the terms of the “Dominant License”, i.e. AGPLv3+, unless otherwise specified within individual source files. This license is chosen so as to remain compliant with the licenses of the various open source dependencies of Tendril and to encourage open source development of Tendril.

Over time, it is intended to refactor and release selected sections of Tendril under a more permissive license. This refactoring and re-licensing is proposed to be based on the following considerations, and tentatively under the listed licenses (in decreasing order of priority) :

  • Sections of code necessary for customizing reports, branding, formatting, and consequently enhancing integration with pre-existing Processes. (MIT)
  • Sections of code which are easily decoupled from the Tendril core and have clear applications independent of Tendril. (LGPL)
  • Sections of code forming an ‘API’ that can be used to better integrate Tendril functionality with other Software or Infrastructure elements. (LGPL)
  • Sections of code forming an ‘API’ that can be used to extend Tendril functionality in ways which are not likely to be included within the Tendril core. (LGPL)
  • Sections of code clearly unencumbered by upstream licensing concerns. (GPL)